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SENS Electrical are your reliable weekend electricians available 24 hours across Cedar Creek, Samford, Mount Nebo, North Lakes Ferny Grove and South East Queensland.

Electrical accidents and emergencies don’t just happen between the hours of 9 to 5 Monday to Friday, they can happen on weekends too. This is why the qualified electricians at SENS Electrical have made it a priority to remain available to fix cable faults, power outages and hot water issues all weekend long just in case you find a problem that just can’t wait until Monday. 

Servicing the areas of Cedar Creek, Samford, Mount Nebo, North Lakes and Ferny Grove, we are able to come to you and help restore power and safety to your home or business, even if it is a Saturday or Sunday. So, if you need an emergency weekend electrician, contact the team of skilled electricians at SENS Electrical today.

The qualified electricians at SENS Electrical can complete emergency electrical work when you need it most.

We all know that accidents don’t always happen during work hours, that’s why we offer electrical services every day no matter the time or place. Be it a Saturday, Sunday or after hours, we are here to help fix any emergencies that appear and ensure that you and your family stay safe.

Looking for electricians that are experts in cable fault locating? Contact SENS Electrical.

Cable faults can occur from both regular wear and tear as well as from accidents in the home or workplace. Here at SENS Electrical, we understand that cable faults can happen at any time, and can be dangerous if they are left alone until the next regular workday when you can get an electrician out to repair them. That's why we offer 24/7 electrical services for customers in the Cedar Creek, Samford, Mount Nebo, North Lakes and Ferny Grove regions to ensure that you and your family stay safe from electrical faults no matter the day.

SENS Fault Finding

For 24/7 emergency electrician services, contact SENS Electrical.

We can take care of power outages after hours and on weekends.

Power outages never happen at convenient times. But if your power goes out during a weekend, you might be without power until an electrician can get out to you on Monday. The fully certified team here at SENS Electrical are here to help get your power back on, no matter the day, Saturday and Sunday included.

SENS Electrical can also provide 24 hour hot water repair services.

For many people, it’s a nightmare to hop in the shower only to find that their hot water heater has decided to kick the bucket and they are without a functioning hot water heater until they can getting their unit repaired or replaced. If your hot water heater decides to break down or die during the weekend, don’t panic, the team at SENS Electrical are able to help all weekend long at a fair and competitive price. Don’t condemn yourself to cold showers, call SENS Electrical today.

SENS Power Outage Testing

If you need air conditioning repair or replacement, SENS Electrical can take care of that too.

Has your air conditioner been acting up? Before summer hits get your air conditioner checked and serviced to ensure that it’s functioning correctly and not costing you money during operation. We offer 24/7, week-long service to make sure you get the air condition installation service and maintenance you need when you need it, even on weekends.

Our weekend electricians can also check your electrical safety devices - smoke alarms, safety switch testing, testing and tagging, and more.

We often forget that electricity is a dangerous thing and needs to be handled with care. At SENS Electrical, we offer a variety of electrical safety devices including safety switch testing and installation, smoke alarm testing and installation and testing and tagging to keep your home and workplace safe.

SENS Electrical provide electric fence installation across South East Queensland.

If you’re struggling with an animal version of Houdini breaking in or out of your property, an electric fence can help keep vermin out and pets and livestock in. All of the products and equipment used during electric fence installation are industry approved, high quality and safe ensuring that your pets stay safe and enclosed in your yard.

No matter what day it is, the team at SENS Electrical are here to help you with your all your electric fence installation needs. This includes the ability to work 24 hours a day 7 days a week including Saturday's and Sunday's.

SENS Electric Fence

​Contact SENS Electrical today.

If you find yourself needing a weekend electrician for emergencies or general electrical work, give the friendly team at SENS Electrical a call today on 0422 163 998.

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