SENS Electrical offer 24 Hour emergency electrician services to fix power outages in Cedar Creek, Samford, Mount Nebo, North Lakes and Ferny Grove.

At SENS Electrical, we offer a 24/7 emergency electrician service to tackle issues related to electrical power outages. A power cut or other form of a power failure may cause you a lot of distress, especially if help is not at hand. Getting simple tasks done at home like brewing a hot drink when experiencing an electrical power outage may seem near impossible. Our 24/7 emergency electrician services can be provided when an energy outage at your home or site is evident. This service is available to areas in Cedar Creek, Samford, Mount Nebo, North Lakes and Ferny Grove

For those of our clients without a backup system, having a power cut means most of their devices and appliances in their homes and businesses will stop working. At such a time, they require the services of a prompt and efficient 24/7 service. If you experience a power failure, do not hesitate to contact our friendly and knowledgeable emergency electricians who will promptly come to your assistance.

For many people, the cause of a power outage is unknown, and it can be very difficult to determine exactly what has caused the power outage. Determining the cause of the power outage is the first step you need to take in order to get it fixed. There are a number of ways you can determine why your power has gone out, but before that, it's best to know what the most common causes for power outages in Australia are:

What is causing my power outage?

  1. Severe Weather: Storms often bring strong winds, heavy rain and lightning strikes, all of which can cause debris such as tree limbs and branches to bring down power lines. Flooding and heavy rain can also inundate transformer stations and cause blackouts.
  2. Power Spikes: Spikes are sharp increases in voltage that cause power outages. The most common causes for spikes are lightning strikes, tripped circuit breakers, short circuits and overloaded power boards.
  3. Damage to power poles: Direct damage to power poles can cause power outages. Vehicular accidents are one of the most common causes for this.
  4. Bushfires: Electricity is often turned off during bushfires for safety reasons. Check to see if there are bushfires in your area.
  5. Animals: Wildlife can occasionally cause power outages by coming into contact with transmission wires and electrical equipment

There are three generally accepted types of power outages, which can range from a second to several days long. 

What types of power outages are there?

  1. Brownouts: These are temporary drops in voltage, causing lights to dim momentarily. Some of these are intentionally done by technicians to prevent overloading. Unintentional brownouts may be caused by an overloading power board or short circuit.
  2. Blackouts: This is caused by a total power loss over a defined area. The cause can be many factors and can last anywhere from a couple of minutes or hours to days. These are usually accidental, but sometimes these outages are planned by energy providers to perform maintenance.
  3. Permanent Faults: These outages are caused by a fault in the power line which causes severe power shortages. Power is restored often by removing the fault.

When you experience a power outage, it is important to eliminate all potential causes before calling an electrician. Many outages are external and are serviced by energy providers like Energex and Origin. To identify if the problem is external or internal, follow these steps: 

How do I fix a power outage?

  1. Check your electricity provider's outage map. This map will tell if you the outage was a planned or unplanned outage and provides an estimate of when the power will be restored. If it is not planned, it may take a few minutes for your outage to appear on the map as people report it. If no one else is reporting the outage, then it points to a problem within your home or premises.
  2. Check if any lights or electrical appliances are currently working. A partial power outage in your house points to a problem within your home or premises.
  3. If it is safe to do so, carefully check outside for damage to nearby powerlines. Stay away from any fallen powerlines or fallen trees near powerlines. Ensure authorities are notified of fallen powerlines.
  4. Check if your neighbours have power. Once again, if your neighbours have power while you do not, this likely means that the problem is within your home.

If the cause is outside the home, contact your energy provider and report the problem. If you believe the problem is within your home however, contact us and we'll help you fix the problem and get power restored as soon as possible.

For 24/7 emergency electrician services, contact SENS Electrical.

Our emergency electricians are certified to complete power outage checks and fixes throughout South East Queensland.

All our electricians here at SENS Electrical have industry-recommended electrical certifications. After we've visited your premises for power outage checks, we always prepare an outage report and resolve your problem. An outage report helps you to follow up on the power issues at your home in case you require a more detailed look into the causes.

We offer 24/7 electrical services, so you do not have to shut down critical appliances just because the power failure occurred in the middle of the night. We provide electrical repairs and services to areas in Cedar Creek, Samford, Mount NeboNorth Lakes and Ferny Grove.

We enjoy being of service to you at any time of the day. Contact us today if you are in any one of these areas and are experiencing electrical power outage issues.

Qualified power outage electricians available 24/7.

Sometimes the reason for a power outage may not arise from the main grid. The energy outage may arise from wiring and other such factors within your building. You can trust our experienced and reliable emergency electricians to come to your site and find the cause of the power failure. We only send out electricians with proven qualifications that you can trust to assist you at any time with any electrical service or repair.

Professional and experienced emergency electrician services.

At SENS Electrical, we understand the importance of repairing a power outage quickly and efficiently. Being professional and experienced electricians, we understand the risks involved when tampering with wirings in a power outage. We will never put you at risk by sending you inefficient and poorly trained electricians. We'll always be available to complete electrical repairs safely and efficiently. 

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