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The electricians at SENS Electrical have the test and tag qualifications and electrical safety equipment to complete and give advice on electrical safety in your home or business across South East Queensland. 

Every day we use a large number of electrical devices in our homes and businesses. We often forget that electricity is sometimes dangerous and needs to be treated with the utmost caution. That is why it is extremely important to have electrical safety devices installed and to ensure they are functioning properly at all times. SENS Electrical are the electrical contractors that can complete testing and tagging and inspect electrical services in your home. When carrying out any electrical service, it is important to use a licensed electrician who is trained in dealing with the risks associated with electrical hazards and has the appropriate tools and safety equipment.

SENS Electrical understands the importance of installing electrical safety devices in your home across Cedar Creek, Samford, Mount Nebo, North Lakes and Ferny Grove. Get in touch with us today.

SENS Electrical Equipment

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Looking for safety switch testing and installation? Contact the Team at SENS Electrical.

SENS Electrical are available for safety switch testing and installations in your home or business. Safety switches are a vital way to ensure unsafe power supplies are kept in check. Our electrical contractors can check that you have safety switch testing and installations on all sub-circuits and ensure they are functioning properly. We bring years of experience in the electrical industry to ensure work is carried out to the highest standard. Our electrical safety devices ensure that incorrect installation of a safety switch that leads to damage to internal circuitry doesn't happen.

We can complete smoke alarm testing, smoke alarm maintenance and smoke alarm installation across Cedar Creek, Samford, Mount Nebo, North Lakes and Ferny Grove.

SENS Electrical are also available to assist with smoke alarm testing and installation. Smoke alarms are required by law in homes and businesses and we are familiar with all government regulations, so we can ensure that smoke alarms testing meets the appropriate standards, are installed in the right location and are functioning properly.

Have qualified electricians test and tag electrical items in your business.

Test and tagging is an important task that must be carried out by businesses where electrical items are tested by a qualified technician to determine if there are any electrical faults. SENS Electrical are available to test and tag your items thoroughly and efficiently. A licensed electrician will inspect your equipment, test and tag it with a portable tester and tag the item with a 'pass' or 'fail'. This will provide you with a full register of the equipment tested, the results, and the next test date.

SENS Electrical Equipment
SENS Electrical Equipment
SENS Electrical Equipment

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SENS Electrical understand that safety is paramount and are available to assist you with all your electrical safety device needs across ​Cedar Creek, Samford, Mount Nebo, North Lakes and Ferny Grove.

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